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Face Mask/Exfoliant/Moisturizer

So after reading and watching some DIY videos online I decided I was buying too much expensive crap that didn’t really do anything to my skin nor was it healthy. So I decided to do my own concoction, which is my own version of many other people’s mixed together 🙂

It’s really easy. You just need:

– Lemon juice

– Crushed almonds

– Raw honey

– Brown sugar

I don’t measure them, I just add them as I find fit. So all you have to do is mix them all together until it’s somehow homogeneous. Just make sure the almonds are not too powdery because they, along with the sugar, will exfoliate the skin.

So you take the mixture and apply to your face, massaging gently in circular motions. Then leave it on for as long as you can. Sometimes I leave it for hours and hours… Seriously. After that, just wash it off with lukewarm water, making those circular motions again. Your face will be really soft and have a nice glow to it.

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