Merry Go Round

Cold Feet

on January 3, 2013

Even when the rest of my body is warm and nice, my feet are freezing! I can have thick socks on plus thick boots and they’ll still be cold. My mom always said it was due to poor circulation and recently I’ve been researching and it’s probably because my blood is too thin too. So I went to research ways to make this time of the year easier on the toes (and hands).

The Curse of Cold Feet

Divine Caroline

Causes of Cold Feet


Quick tips:

– Wear three pairs or more of thin socks (thick ones let the cold air in)

– Wear warm shoes with thick soles so the feet are not too close to the ground. Boots with fur inside are great and really comfy.

– Wiggle your toes and rotate your ankles to help the circulation get there faster. This is a good last resort when you’re not home and need a quick fix. If you’re at home, try doing bicycle-like exercises lying in bed. If you can, go for a walk or run around the house for a bit.

– The icy feeling is sometimes due to sweat, which gets chilled and makes it feel like you have ice blocks as feet. I found out a good 10 minute (or more) soaking in warm water helps a lot. Wash your feet with lavender soaps or something similar, it smells lovely and helps you feel clean. Also, rub your feet gently in circular motions to help restore circulation. Afterwards, dry them well with a towel and put on some socks before any cold air can act.

– Warm your socks in your radiator for a bit. Then put them on (making sure they are not scalding!) Your feet will be warmer much longer.

– In bed, use a hot water bottle. It will keep your feet warm and let you sleep peacefully – after all, who can sleep with cold feet? It will also last until morning, which is great! In the winter, this is my holy grail. If you don’t have a hot water bottle, grab a wool jacket, stuff each foot in one of the sleeves and then wrap the rest around them (not too tight). My aunt taught me that trick.

– Make sure your house is warm. Light the fireplace or a radiator. If that’s not enough, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and make sure you wrap your feet with it too.

– Don’t sit on your feet. Even though this may seem to help at first, it will cut off the circulation and eventually make them even colder.

– Don’t warm your cold feet directly on something hot like a radiator. Even if you keep your distance, it will make the skin tingly/itchy which is quite uncomfortable.

– Always wear warm slippers in the house.

– There are already electrical/battery-supplied socks and slippers, which will be warm all the time. The prices vary a lot, as do the models. I’ve never had ones but I’d say give it a try if cold feet/hands torment you since there are also gloves. It could be a great investment. There are even some which are USB powered (here)


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