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Soy or No Soy?

on November 28, 2012

So apparently soy milk is not the greatest alternative to cow milk…

I’m not lactose intolerant (at least I don’t think so) but I’ve heard so many bad things about animal bi-products all my life that I decided to finally do some researching and take these dangers seriously. It’s not like I don’t like cow milk but I feel that, at 20, I should really start taking better care of myself. I’ve never done so and I feel I will experience the consequences really soon. In fact, I’ve experienced some bad side-effects of my careless lifestyle habits in the last few years and I didn’t exactly enjoy them. That allied to my anxiety issues and my not-so-severe hypochondria have led me to pay more attention to what I do in a daily basis. Sure, sometimes I do let myself indulge but I’ve definitely cut on some stuff for something more beneficial.

Soy milk is not the holy grail anymore. It contains isoflavones that are very much like estrogen, which is present in cow milk. Some say they’re in too small quantities to produce any harm. It’s also said that fermented soy is the only good soy around – yet what we eat the most is unfermented soy. Also, the fact that cows are injected with hormones and don’t eat grass but instead get grains to get fatter and produce more milk makes me uneasy. All of that may or may not go to the milk, we don’t know. I would prefer not to take my chances though. It is said that men who eat soy get more feminine… Well, that is not a problem for me as I would very much love to be more feminine (is that even possible?) but it’s still a weird notion. Finally, it seems to be linked to cancer… Not a good thing at all!

I’ve heard people saying humans don’t need to drink milk as adults (because no other animal does), that humans don’t need to eat meat, that milk is actually not good for bones (shocker to the old wives!), etc etc. I have yet to come to a conclusive research about this stuff, which is really really hard.

The thing is, I want to go vegan badly. I always feel giddy at the prospect of being healthier and feeling better, and when I encounter those colorful recipes online I just feel like trying them right away! But as a college student I barely have time to scratch my behind, let alone get healthy food that isn’t either frozen or my mom’s cooking. And that includes meat and other animal products. I’ve been scared shitless of what I’ve been reading over these past few months but right now I can’t afford to go vegan. Not to mention I’m a broke college student, and everything healthy is more expensive (although I’ve heard being vegan can actually be cheaper, which is something I have to look up!)

A friend of mine has suggested almond milk as an alternative. She even made her own once but again, I’m way too busy for that. Those cartridges are damn expensive though, and I’m not buying them. Even if they taste delicious, which they do. So in the meantime, I will try to gradually choose alternatives for what I consume nowadays. I won’t give up chocolate but I still can do a lot more about my diet.

4 responses to “Soy or No Soy?

  1. I am learning more and more about soy not being so good for us and I have been eating soy all of my life. I don’t drink it but a lot of my vegi meat is soy. I eat a lot of Morning Star burgers, patties, bacon, and breakfast sausage. I don’t like tofu so much so this news is terrible for me.

  2. rheashepherd says:

    I used to love soy hamburguers with spices and all of that. I once tasted strawberry soy milk and chocolate soy milk and I absolutely loathed it, but I recently tried it again (no flavor) and I really liked it. So these news aren’t too good for me either because my alternative to meat is now out of the question =/ Still, better to find out now than later!

  3. Right well I still eat it even despite the things ive read. Mostly because I don’t feel any negative effects and I don’t believe it causes cancer. Maybe i’m in denial because I have never eaten meat before and all I know is soy. Also I have a chicken thoery about hormones, men and them being more feminine because of the chicken lol. It’s a joke but cld be some truth to it.

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